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Monday, March 28, 2011

The American Dream

I remember in one of my college classes that we collectively determined the American dream to be owning your own house along with having freedom and opportunity.  It stuck, and that is how it was defined for a group of young collegians.  It evolves and everybody will come to a different definition.

Now, nearly 15 years later, I see a house (even if paid off) as a tremendous burden.  And the bigger the house, the more the burden.  It ties you down -- sometimes permanently.  How many families today are upside down in the mortgages?  Stuck?  We have 3,300 feet of living space and I would give 2/3 of it away if I could.  We wanted big when we bought it.  Now I want to run from it -- perhaps even rent.  The constant cleaning and maintenance sucks precious time away from what I may deem as much more important matters in life.

So the idea:  Rent (or sell) the house, obtain an RV that can nicely accommodate a young family of four or five, and travel the United States.  This would allow us to be where we want to be (my son abhors cold winters), when we want to be.  The size allows for maximum forced efficiencies and with so little space to maintain, will allow for better building of relationships with our immediate family and friends and allow the opportunity to explore new places, new people and cultures, and truly be free.  Free from debt and place.  This is my/our new American dream.

I had this thought on March 24, 2011.  I am a stay-at-home Dad.  To make this a reality, we will have to find a way to produce an income on the road and a way to obtain a motorhome.  My initial thoughts are toward writing and blogging about our experiences.  I'm willing to take on sponsors, so if an RV company, a travel magazine, communications provider, camp ground, etc. want a writer for hire to blog/brag about their great product/vehicle, you can let me know.

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  1. RVs - make sure to check out bunkhouse 5th wheels and travel trailers. Much more affordable than a motorhome, and you won't need a "toad" to get around in once setup in camp.

    Sponsors - we have some. They haven't been a significant source of money. And the RV parks are filled with full-timers perfectly capable of writing and photography. Look for real work - dont waste time on the sponsorships.