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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spend Out

The journey toward full time rv'ing  has given us a new goal, sorting and clearing out the extras and simplying our current home life.  We have been busy the past many days trying to decide what can stay and what should go.  Most of the STUFF in our house can fall into two categories, love it or use it.  If it doesn't fit a category it must go, regardless of how much it cost, who gave it to us, or what memory it can be attached to.  Things that always seem important to keep, but never make it out of storage boxes year-after-year are either being discarded or about to be on a garage sale.  After all, in the end it is just stuff.

It's relieving to release.  We find it clears the mind and soul.

We also continue to reference a book we recently read, "The Happiness Project", that has encouraged us to do only the things that truly make us happy.  One of the principles the author suggests is to "spend out".  How many things do we have that we don't use because we are saving it for a special occasion?   So while some of our things are being added to the ever growing garage sale piles, others are being pulled out to use.  The nice bottle of perfume is now being used everyday.  How many people die with their bottle -- full -- still sitting on the shelf, never having been used?

This will be a long process and will need to be done several times before we are truly RV ready- but we are enjoying the process of prioritizing what things we want to be in our home and life.

RV dreamin'

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  1. So a couple of things that take up clutter in my house but yet are hard for me to get rid of are the photos and magazines. But honestly how often to I peruse either of them? Not so much. Well I was inspired from reading another blog recently about scanning in documents.... Duh, why didn't I think of that. So now I'm in the long and tedious process of scanning in the photos and magazines that I don't really want to get rid of but rarely look at and then trash or donate them. Yes this will take me hours and weeks and months to get caught up on the backlog that I have but in the end it's a win win. Less storage space used and I still get to keep them. Thank goodness for Google docs.
    One con is that I might have a super flat rear by the time I finish.