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Monday, March 28, 2011

Have I ever driven a motorhome?

Nope.  Never.  In fact, I wasn't certain I had ever been in a motorhome until I went to see them this past Thursday.  I went to one dealer (Midway RV) and was hooked.  Have you seen these things?  My three-year-old son described it as a house on wheels and busted out laughing when he opened a door to find a toilet.  And how about the slide-outs!!!!  Amazing!  The more the better.  They certainly make you feel like you are at least living in an apartment -- and in some cases a downright palace.

I loved a new motorhome at $122,000 for retirement but would be satisfied with the 15-year-old motorhome for $9,999 for our family experience -- though the Golden Girls' mauve would have to go!

I was so pumped by the decent living conditions that I told my wife what the kids and I had discovered that day and I brought her back to the dealership the next morning.  All said, we found a 2006 Damon Daybreak, gas-fueled motorhome, heavily geared for family, that had built in bunk beds for $50,000.  "That's the one!", exclaimed my wife.  If and when we do it, that's what we need.  I assured her, if I knew how to provide a good income on the road, we would surely buy it.  But there will always be another somewhere.

And frankly, I think we owe it to ourselves to explore other brands and other dealers.  This could be a long process, or a short one if a miracle drops.

I have learned so much already about an industry I knew nothing about and will share my information as I acquire it.

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  1. Hey, want to say good luck, I hope your dream becomes a reality soon. I would like to share a little info with you that may help, if your willing to make a long drive, check out the rv dealers in Florida, no ones buying there right now and dealers and private sellers are trying like crazy to get rid of their rigs. Also, have you looking into KOA working opportunities? They provide your space and pay you plus you can pick where you want to be. Just a thought, GL!